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Which Marketing Agency is Right For Your Law Firm?

You might think that it’s easy to pick out an agency, but with so many available, how can you be sure they're the best fit for your needs? Asking the following questions will help in your decision-making process when selecting the right marketing agency.

1. Do you have legal marketing experience?

It's important to work with an established marketing agency that has a deep understanding of digital marketing for lawyers. Find out if they have experience in marketing an area of law in which you practise.

2. Do you outsource work?

If your agency is outsourcing, you should know that in some cases this can lead to poor results as each agency has different levels of expertise.

3. What are your qualifications?

It's important to ask about the qualifications of individuals who will be working on your marketing campaign. Ask to see their professional accreditation to verify their qualifications.

4. Do you have any references?

If they have law firm marketing experience then they should be able to provide strong measurable examples of success from past projects.

5. What is your goal-setting process?

How will they help identify your goals? Find out if they have a guide to setting law firm marketing goals to help measure your progress throughout the campaign.

6. Do you understand my target audience?

If the agency is not aware of the areas of law you practise or who you are trying to reach, they won't be able to market your brand effectively.

7. What is your relationship with my competitors?

If they have relationships with other firms that compete in the same market space then there could be concerns of competitive conflicts of interest. Find out how they will protect your brand and strategy.

Key Learnings

When it comes to marketing your firm, you want an agency that knows the industry. You need a partner with experience and one who has successfully marketed other legal professionals in your area of expertise.


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